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Turf War Athletic Gear specializes in sports training tools designed to push athletes and help them realize their playing potential.  Our wide variety of weighted footballs have emerged as the go-to training tool for skill position coaches, strength and conditioning trainers and athletes looking for an edge over their competition. Turf War weighted footballs increase strength and stamina, develop explosiveness with the ball in your hand, build muscle memory and eliminate fumbles.  In addition to our line of ball security products, we offer weighted and precision basketballs that assist athletes with ball handling , shooting range, passing efficiency, conditioning and more. We are hard at work creating superior, cutting edge athletic training products for all sports, as well as innovative padded compression gear and game day accessories for all levels. Our drive to help aspiring athletes achieve their goals and dreams is the greatest motivating factor behind our athletic gear. Every Turf War Athletic Gear product has a back story and every idea has come as a result of being in the trenches as an athlete or coach and seeing firsthand what training tools and gear athletes need to maximize potential and perform with confidence. Let Turf War Athletic Gear\'s products take your game to the highest level!

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